Joma International AS changes name to Tiotech AS

Joma International AS changes name to Tiotech AS.

Joma International is changing its’ name to TioTech AS. The new name describes our core business being a producer of titania based products and a developer of new technology based on our unique nanoparticle.

Titanium dioxide is a material with several areas of use and throughout the years we have explored and acquired knowledge in several of these. Our products for surface treatment of concrete and wood are fully developed and TioTech will now focus its’ R&D efforts towards a new direction: Titania in batteries.

Our products for surface treatment will be marketed by a department under TioTech named Joma Surface Treatment. For our customers and partners, there will be no practical consequences, both the products and the team behind will have the same good quality.

Before the end of 2020, Joma Surface Treatment will become a separate legal entity. Until this transition, the organisation and account numbers will remain unchanged. Invoices will be marked with both TioTech and Joma Surface Treatment.

If you want to learn more about our new focus within battery, check the website for more information.